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1993 | DENVER, COLORADO (and) MIAMI, FLORIDA – Two new National League franchises began play on this date in 1993. The Colorado Rockies played their first game on the road at Shea Stadium in New York. They were shut out by the Mets 3-0. The Miami Marlins‘ first game was at home in Miami. They beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 6 to 3 at Joe Robbie Stadium. The 1993 expansion of the Rockies and Marlins was the first in the National League since 1969.

Since entering the league 24 years ago the Marlins have done remarkably well on the field, but the Rockies have done considerably better at the turnstile. The Rockies set a major league record drawing 4,483,350 fans in their inaugural year, but the Marlins have already won two World Series-1997 and 2003.

The Rockies were the second team in major league history to draw more than 4 million fans (the Toronto Blue Jays were the first). The Rockies probably would have drawn 4 million more often, but the franchise moved in 1995 from 80,000 seat Mile High Stadium where the Denver Broncos NFL teamed played at the time, to Coors Field, which seats 50,227. The Rockies drew more than 3 million fans 9 of their first 13 years. The Marlins have only surpassed the 3 million mark once – their first year.

Here’s a comparison of attendance for the two franchises:

              Rockies     Marlins
1993   4,483,350   3,064,847
1994   3,281,511     1,937,467
1995   3,390,037   1,700,466
1996   3,891,014    1,746,767
1997   3,888,453   2,364,387
1998   3,792,683   1,750,395
1999   3,235,833    1,369,421
2000   3,149,117     1,173,389
2001   3,168,579    1,261,226
2002   2,737,918       813,111
2003   2,334,085    1,303,215
2004   2,338,069   1,723,105
2005   1,915,586    1,823,388

2010   2,875,245     1,532,526
2011    2,909,777     1,520,562
2012    2,630,458    2,219,444
2013    2,793,828     1,586,322
2014    2,680,239    1,732,283
2015    2,506,789    1,752,239
2016    2,602,524    1,712,417

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Never know unless you try

FEBRUARY 1, 1999 | NEW YORK, NEW YORK – The New York Yankees traded a young prospect named Mike Lowell to the Florida Marlins on this date in 1999. They got three minor league pitchers in return; Mark Johnson, Eddie Yarnall and Todd Noel.

With Mike Lowell, and several other quality players, the Marlins won their second World Series in 2003 – beating the Yankees.

Lowell became a 4-time all-star with tw.o World Series rings, one as Most Valuable Player (2007 for the Boston Red Sox). Eddie Yarnall appeared in just seven games for the Yankees and was out of baseball by 2001. Mark Johnson was picked up by the Detroit Tigers after never making it out of the Yankees farm system. He appeared in handful of games for the Tigers in 2000, but he too was also out of baseball by 2001. Todd Noel never made it to the major leagues and is no where to be found.

With Mike Lowell, and several other quality players, the Marlins won their second World Series in 2003 – beating the Yankees. Lowell was traded to the Boston Red Sox after the 2005 season and helped them win the World Series in ’07. They made the playoffs in ’08 winning the American League Division Series but losing to the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL Championship Series.

If the goal of any move a team makes is to get to the post-season, the Yankees succeeded, more often than Lowell’s teams. The Yankees have been to the playoffs nine of the last ten years, appearing in four World Series, winning two of them, but they didn’t accomplish any of that with players from the Lowell trade. The odds are Yankee fans probably do not think the Lowell trade in 1999 was a good one.

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