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JULY 5-100 RBI before All-Star break

1998 | ARLINGTON, TEXASJuan Gonzalez of the Texas Rangers drove in four runs on this date in 1998. It gave him 101 RBI by the All-Star break. Only Hank Greenberg had ever reached the century mark in RBI at the midway point of the season. Greenberg had 103 by the 1935 mid-summer classic.

Gonzalez had a crack at the all-time record for RBI in a season. It was held by Hack Wilson of the Chicago Cubs who drove in 191 in 1930.

Gonzalez ended up with 156 RBI in the 1998 season, 35 short of Wilson’s record. Hack Wilson never had 100 RBI at the mid-way point of the season, but his record for most RBI in a season stands to this day.

The top ten RBI in a season:

  1.        Hack Wilson 191 (1930)
  2.        Lou Gehrig 184 (1931)
  3.        Hank Greenberg 184 (1937)
  4.        Jimmie Foxx 175 (1938)
  5.        Lou Gehrig 175 (1927)
  6.        Lou Gehrig 174 (1930)
  7.        Chuck Klein 170 (1930)
  8.        Jimmie Foxx 169 (1932)
  9.        Babe Ruth 168 (1921)
  10.        Hank Greenberg 168 (1935)

Notice anything interesting about the list?

Eight of the top ten RBI leaders are from the 1930’s. The other two are from the 1920’s. Not a single top ten RBI year came after World War II. The first to show is #14 Manny Ramirez, who had 165 RBI in 1999. Why is that? Let me know at.

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