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Yankees 27 Astros 1

NOVEMBER 5, 1998 | NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Houston Astros fans are relishing in the team’s first-ever World Series championship. Compare that to what the New York Yankees accomplished on this date in 2009. They won their 27th World Series. Yankees 27 Astros 1.

That’s more than the next three World Series winning teams combined.

It’s more than double the 11 won by the team with the second-most – the St. Louis Cardinals.

But it’s a start – Yankees 27 Astros 1.

Number of World Series won by each team
Postseason results,
Yankees post-season results  



NOVEMBER 11, 1981| LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA  Los Angeles Dodger phenom pitcher Fernando Valenzuela became the first rookie to win the Cy Young award on this date in 1981. The award goes to the best pitcher in either league, as determined by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

Valenzuela took Southern California and the entire baseball world by storm that summer of ’81 with his composure (he was just a few days past his 21st birthday), enthusiasm and ability.

He finished the ’81 season 13 – 7, with a 2.48 ERA (earned run average). Valenzuela beat out Tom SeaverSteve Carlton and Nolan Ryan for the award. Valenzuela played 17 years in the major leagues, winning 173 and losing 153.

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